Douglas Naysmith

From Nhs It Info

(Bristol North West, Labour - Member, Health Committee)

Web-site: ‘We Have The Technology’ (17 Oct 2005)

"New and emerging medical technology is at the forefront of creating a modern, effective NHS that responds to the needs of patients. That was the message this week (11 October) from the first Parliamentary Medical Technology Expo: ‘Patients at the Heart of the NHS’, which showcased the latest innovations in medical devices. Bristol North West MP, Dr Doug Naysmith, spoke at the event and saw for himself the latest advances in cardiac, vascular and many other areas of patient care where new technology is returning patients to their normal lives more quickly. . . Dr Naysmith said: “Enhancing access to advanced devices which can improve a patient’s experience of primary care and hospital should be high on the agenda for anyone who has a stake in developing our health service. The latest pacemakers are no bigger than a two pence coin and have a battery life of years. New drug pumps, which can deliver insulin directly to people with diabetes, are cutting out the need for constant injections. The key message at the event was that while technology required up front investment, the cost and health benefits over time are enormous. The event had patients at its heart and has demonstrated how important it is that current reform to the NHS is focused on delivering for patients - and therefore listening to them,” he added."

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